Thursday, June 25, 2015

Snippets & Snatches..snakes and plants and summer...sunny... 90*

While heading over to feed the lonely Gander who lives with the lonely Drake (my 2 bachelors)  this morning I spotted movement and sure enough it was another snake! (or the same one!!) The trouble with not catching a snake when you see it is -  you're going to come across him again. Of course it could be his friend or relation too. I really think it was a Blue Racer, though, as it moved with great speed. Well that made me determined to drastically prune the Japanese Knotweed (Linda's Plant) today, because for the last week I've been making a detour to get to the door instead of putting my feet under it. The area outside our pantry door has never made it through a summer without at least one Copperhead sighting  and beside the door above a stone wall is where Linda's plant grows. 
So that accomplished I want to thank Elizabeth for identifying  this plant for us. My husband said he hates it too!, but I like it, just have a hard time keeping up with it. I'm going to try to thrill you all with more snake pictures this summer, as I think most of you don't get the frequent startle factor that we often do. I could write a whole short book on my life here with snakes. I lived 11 years on a few acres in N.H. before coming here and saw a garter snake ONCE. Anyway I have a hen sitting with 10 days to go still, so these snake sightings have taken my hopes for a special breed from her away. (especially after the snake in the 'snakeproof' cage earlier this week!) 
A couple years ago I said "no more" on trying to hatch and raise chicks, but when my poor dedicated bantams put so much effort into it I give in,,,, Maybe this will be the last time. 

Japanese Knotweed (Linda's Plant)

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