Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Haymaking and rain..........partly cloudy....66*

The typical early horse-drawn hay rake was a dump rake, a wide two-wheeled implement with curved steel or iron teeth usually operated from a seat mounted over the rake with a lever-operated lifting mechanism. This rake gathered cut hay into windrows by repeated operation perpendicular to the windrow, requiring the operator to raise the rake, turn around and drop the teeth to rake back and forth in order to form the windrow.(from Wikipedia)
This is the way we rake our hay today, my husband adapted the antique rake to be pulled by our tractor, instead of horse drawn, he drives the tractor, I operate the rake!

We thought we’d hay in May
if we could find a dry day....

And when it rains every day
the grass sure does grow,
But when it rains every day
you sure can’t mow!
Now it’s June.........
time sure does fly
Still can’t find a day that’s dry
maybe soon??
We cut a swath when the sun does shine,
early in the morn’
But by noon.........
here comes another storm!
We watch the T.V....
sun all week they say ~
then we awake to fog so thick
it sticks and drips from every blade
at this rate the hay
will NEVER get made!

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