Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More from the Blueberry patch...Sunny and 70's

Many years ago, but not as far back as the strawberry era, quite a few folks put in blueberries, yet another fruit crop to be raised, harvested and sold in these hills.
Some would preclude making use of such hilly countryside with all the hardships included, but these folks know the climate here will usually yield enough if you're willing to work hard. Not far from my home there were acres and acres of Elberta peaches grown. 
There was even a peach canning factory established. Because there was rail service here then, quite an industry developed. But when as much timber as could be was hauled out, rail service was removed.
Well now the acres and acres  peaches and the strawberries are gone, and some have removed the blueberry orchards too. This is a picture of a packing shed at the edge of the patch. And a view of the blueberry bushes. Notice the sundries piled at the end bush of each row. Buckets to fill, jugs of water, perhaps snacks, ready for a long day in the patch.
How many pickers can you find?

Remember to stop by Saturday for one of our favorite blueberry dessert recipes!

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