Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farm adventures.....Sunny....90's*

Yesterday, I went out to see what the chickens were carrying on about and there was a big black snake in the "snakeproof cage" where I was raising my 2 chicks with their mother. They were too big to be swallowed but of course a snake tries anyway and the result is a smothered chick. I attempted to catch it without benefit of a nearby bucket and it got behind an un-removable tunnel thingy that the previous owner of this cage built into it. ( I never get a thing what ain't been used!) So I removed all three chickens to a cage, and had to keep them in the pantry overnight. Today I kept checking for the snake to emerge and when it did I tried again. With the help of my woodstove poker I "coaxed" it into the bucket ( I heard it slithering in ) and slapped the lid on. When I got the bucket out of the cage I couldn't resist a peek  - NO SNAKE- I had heard it slithering UNDER the bucket, and back into the tunnel thingy!  So after repeated trips to check all afternoon it was out in the cage again. This time I put the bucket over it upside down,Then slid the lid under. Yep I had it this time. Now I just had to drag the bucket toward me and out the door, and I'd be heading down the road to "Charlie's House" for yet another snake deposit. You can read about "Charlie's House HERE . 
When I dragged the bucket near the door the lid snagged on the wire, and in half a minute less than no time he dropped to the ground missing my feet and took off. I'm guessing he won't go back in that cage but I wish he had been relocated as he'll do other damage, no doubt. Since I couldn't leave him alone to go get the camera the first time and was too tired to think of bringing it all the other times ( did I mention it was over here 90 today?)
I'm showing you the pic we took last year.
Another year, Another snake story!

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