Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charlie's House...cloudy...62*

Charlie's House

I never knew Charlie                             

He was gone before I came

But I often heard about him

That is how I know his name


He came here to build

A house all by himself

He told all the neighbors

"Don't offer any help"


And so his funny, lopsided house

Sits beside a bluff

Deep in the woods, with trees growing through


                                                                                       Each stone he dug and carried there

Has fallen to the ground

As well as all the wood

That he bought in town

He couldn't complete his dream

Or carry out his scheme

So when he was spent,
Back to Texas he went


Curiosity led me down his road

To snoop and poke around

And even after 40 years

Tracks could be found


I couldn't get the courage to go inside

Everything was dark and dank

And I was pretty sure

It was a place snakes reside


So ever since that day

Every unwelcome serpent

That comes my way

Is put into a bucket and gets a free ride


All the way to Charlie's house

There to occupy

The place that Charlie tried to build

Without friends or a spouse


So many I have carried there

I wish I'd kept a count

There are so many snake stories

That someday I must recount


I sure remember the first time


Just like yesterday

But how many since

My mind won't replay


I'll end this poem here

But have no fear

Snake stories and pictures

Will often appear.............................


  1. SNAKES! Oh my goodness! My favorite phobia! I turn pages with pictures of snakes by the very tippity edge! Yes, there are snakes around here, too, but fortunately, we avoid one another more often than not.

    1. For the most part we avoid each other too, now the chicken eggs are another story they head right for them!


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