Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Photography collections, sunny hot....80*

Photography collections

As I've mentioned before we live in one of the prettiest places in the Ozark mountains,  & living on a farm with many feathered and furry (both domesticated and not) occupants, there always an opportunity to capture a priceless photograph, now whether I have the time (or the camera with me at the right time!) is another story!
I've always taken pictures, but when I began photographing seriously for this Blog and our FB page, I was pleasantly surprised with the images I was able to capture, and then when our photographs were so well received on FB and on the blog, I thought why not offer a bit of "JonquilJunction" to you? So we are happy to now offer them on Etsy as digital downloads!! For a low price and NO SHIPPING, you can instantly enjoy the pictures you've loved on our page  in your own home or office, on your desktop or printed and framed ect, ect, ect..... print as many times as you like for personal use!
We have several categories that we hope you'll enjoy. "Cat" collection, "Caprine" collection, "Country Nostalgia" collection, "Canine" collection , & "Chicken" collection for starters with  more collections coming along soon!
We hope you'll check out our ETSY page https://www.etsy.com/shop/Jonquiljunction?ref=hdr_shop_menu

 to see all the choices we have available now and follow us so you can keep up to date as we add new photographs.

We are choosing new photos to add soon, we'd love your input what is your favorite picture of ours
you'd like to see as a download??
Leave a comment below this post or drop up a line on our FB page! www.facebook.com/jonquiljunction

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