Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New items

While we are sitting around waiting for spring to arrive here at JonquilJunction  we've been working on some new designs/items for our faithful followers. Here's a glimpse of a few that will be added to our Facebook page this week.
 Fabric Notebook covers
Two new styles of earrings~~~ Horseshoes and Hearts

Little girls denim rag purses

And as always you can find Quilts, aprons, rag-rugs, and many more styles of hand-hammered copper earrings on our Facebook page. Buying is easy and safe as we use pay-pal invoices directly to your email
 (You DO NOT have to have a pay-pal account to pay)
And shipping is FREE
Stop by our Facebook page today and have a look around
and remember to stop back by our blog for regular recipes, cat-tales, and featured small-town crafters.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Jonquiljunction Cat.....

Hello, my name is SOPHIE.......

Guess what? This morning I heard the Spring Peepers!!!! So here's my "wishful thinking" photo from last year. Maybe soon we'll have another scene like this to share.

You've already met my mother and sister and brothers as well as the " Topcat",  on this page. Guess I'm last to be introduced, Maybe that's because I'm the periphery cat, no one seems to like me ( in the feline family, that is). But I'll tell you, this winter has been so bad I've made sure to force myself inside, despite their bad attitudes!

By the way, the  "end winter now" campaign has helped here, at least we can finally see the bare ground.

Keep watching for our first edition "JONQUIL JUNCTION KITTYS" book coming soon. My page is already written, guess I might be  special after all.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow cats.................

                   Hello, Butterscotch here, also known as "Mama Kitty" (we'll talk more about that later).

                                                              I  just stepped out to check on the weather...

                                                                        ALRIGHTY then I've checked.................
Now to get back to the wood stove...
Launching today: Cats' campaign to "END WINTER NOW"
                                                                        "I'd vote for that", says Soot
                                                         "Me too" says Mopsy, "How about you?"

                                        Let us know if you'd vote for that on our Facebook page

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And the winner is............

                                      Drawing for our mid-winter pick me up Facebook contest:
We had a bit of help with our drawing for the mid-winter pickup this morning.
"whatcha doing with this fish bowl?" Why are all these papers in here?" "Where's the fish?"

 Thanks for all the likes, shares, and comments! We have had likes from coast to coast as well as England, Hungary, and Canada!
We had 150 shares and our post had over 1,000 views!

"Top-Cat" Lonesome got the honor of drawing our winner..........

And the winner is............
(please message us your mailing address and as soon as this snow/ice is off our dirt roads we'll send it your way)

Congratulations, Tammi!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jonquil Junction Give away

Just a few days left to enter our mid-winter pick me up. If you haven't already visit our Facebook page to enter 
 You could win this great tin filled with handmade items :

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Featured this week............

GREENLIMB STUDIOS is the collective creative outlet for these two sisters in law from the Arkansas Ozarks.
Together they have over 40 years sewing experience, both learning to sew on their mothers sewing machine, making their own clothes, before branching out into many other sewing/crafting ventures.
"We both live in the country, homeschool, raise chickens, garden and can, inspiration for creativity is all around us!" they say.
Garden soap nuggets
Currently they offer several kinds of Quilts~ biscuit, raggy, & taggie's, and several styles of aprons ~denim, kids,& crayon, bibs (both baby and adult), potholders, mug-rugs, bible/book covers, purses/tote bags, rag rugs, quilted table runners and wall hangings and handcrafted soap in several 'delicious flavors' for yourself and your pet, as well as crocheted soap holders to put it in.
Oatmeal milk & honey soap with crocheted soap holders

Denim and gingham apron
A sampling of rag quilts, potholders, girls rag purse, crochet baby hat &a tea towel dress

You can see many of their products locally at :
Or contact them through their blog here:
And from time to time we will have their items on our Facebook page here :

Please click on 'older posts' to see all our posts! Thanks :)

The items we offer are as varied as the weather in these hills!
Hand-hammered copper jewelry, handmade wood case clocks, biscuit and rag quilts, handsewn infant gifts, handcrafted soap, & homespun tales and photos of our menagerie of four footed and feathered friends.

Copper earrings

Copper earrings