Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Jonquiljunction Cat.....

Hello, my name is SOPHIE.......

Guess what? This morning I heard the Spring Peepers!!!! So here's my "wishful thinking" photo from last year. Maybe soon we'll have another scene like this to share.

You've already met my mother and sister and brothers as well as the " Topcat",  on this page. Guess I'm last to be introduced, Maybe that's because I'm the periphery cat, no one seems to like me ( in the feline family, that is). But I'll tell you, this winter has been so bad I've made sure to force myself inside, despite their bad attitudes!

By the way, the  "end winter now" campaign has helped here, at least we can finally see the bare ground.

Keep watching for our first edition "JONQUIL JUNCTION KITTYS" book coming soon. My page is already written, guess I might be  special after all.

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