Thursday, June 18, 2015

Snippets & Snatches.....raining...69*

Well I hoped for a rainy spell to get me out of the hayfield, and we have one.
However my plans to dive into housework while I rested from the hay have been disappointing.
My "worn-out-ness" combined with this high humidity day after day have reduced me to accomplishing the minimums.
Yesterday I came up with what the Ozarks are good for  - PHOTOGRAPHS! I can usually find the energy for those. 

We want to see if anyone can Identify this plant for us: This is what we  know about it  - about 25 years ago a neighbor gave us a  start as a very small plant. It was brought to her place, by the former owner, from Iowa, probably in the mid 1970's. We don't know any more than that. I've looked in various catalogs and nursery's over the years and never seen another plant or picture like it.
As the person who gave it to us didn't know the name of it either, we've always just called it "Linda's Plant" after the neighbor that shared it with us. 

It is a perennial and dies completely away by winter. In the spring red cone shaped spears (similar to emerging asparagus) emerge and it grows rapidly, they shoot straight up to a foot or more before the leaves unfurl, leaves are bright green and waxy looking, and it continues to grow to a height of at least six feet each year before dying  back to the ground just  to start all over again the following years. 
It spreads underground and pokes up a few feet away, this planting from that original start is a large circle 10 feet in diameter and six feet tall, sometimes we mow it around the edges, so I think it would be much larger! Ours is on the north side of the house so it is definitely winter hardy, and having it survive all these years attests to that. By late fall just dead stalks are left which will not break off without considerable  human effort.
We will reward the  first person who can tell us what this plant is, with a small surprise  gift from our Etsy store!!! Since we don't know what it is please provide some source with your answer for us  to check it out!
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