Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Farm Adventures.....Walters story

  Walter The Woebegone Puppy

 Someone didn't want the pup

They set him by the road

Maybe thought he'd find a hut

Maybe catch a toad

So that little frightened pup

Ran into the woods

Looking for a place to hide

Wishing for some sup

Soon evening came

And lots of scary noises

With big eyes he looked around

There weren't many choices

So into a hidey hole

Mrs. Armadillo had left behind

He backed himself real slow

And realized he wasn't going to dine

He watched the moon arising

And with a mournful sigh

Lifted his head and howled

He seemed to be asking "why'?

All through the night

And all the next day

Someone listened to that howling

Before they came his way

They lured him out

And took him home

With a solemn promise

"You'll never have to roam"


Epilogue  -  Walter became a "house"hold member, where he remains to this day. He’s been with us 2 1/2 years now, the third addition to our ‘brindle brigade’ of rescued dogs.--All who found us when we weren’t looking for another dog and made themselves right to home.
Walter is one of the three beside the tree in last Sunday's post HERE

Walter as a young pup--can't believe this is the first picture I have of him
guess I was too busy taking care of him (and everyone else on the farm!)
to take pictures

Here he is in his younger days, seeing his first box turtle. 

1 comment:

  1. Cute puppy. We actualy have a rescue that my daughter picked up beside the road. Don't know why people put them out.


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