Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A tale of Six Kitties

Anyone who has tried to photograph animals (or children for that matter!) knows how hard it is! If you are trying to photograph more than one at a time, the dilemma only multiplies itself, and in my opinion, cats are especially hard.
So as we start photographing our way through 2015, beginning with the  "A tale of six kitties" calendar , we thought you might enjoy some 'out-takes' of our photographing adventures!

Today we have Sophie my 'Chicken Chore Chum' and October calendar girl , probably the most elusive of our cats to capture on film, and quickest to 'turn tail' and leave if she suspects you are trying to take her picture (or catch her or pet her, for that matter)

Due to the deep freeze we have been in here lately she has agreed to spend more time in the house, and thinks it's much more agreeable laying around in the house, than tip-toeing around after me while I do my outside work, but that doesn't mean she has welcomed the camera , and sleeps with one eye open, in case I should head her way!


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