Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring cleaning leads to a craft tutorial ..... Partly sunny and 60*

Spring cleaning over the weekend and came upon some old projects we’d made in the past.  Thought this one was especially nice for spring, when pretty seed packets abound. You can still buy pretty packages of seed quite cheap at Dollar store or carefully  save your packets as you plant this year and use them. When we made these years ago for gifts we used fresh seeds and left the packages unopened , so the recipient got a double gift, in that they could plant the seeds if they wished.
All you need are six seed packets of the same size
a piece of stiff cardboard
a glue gun and
whatever embellishments you want to add like moss, dried flowers, a little bird or nest .....use your imagination........
First cut your base and set aside, 
my seed packages were 4.5 x 3.25 so I cut my base 4.5 x 5 you could cut it bigger if you wanted more room to decorate around the house too .
Now on two packages of seeds fold in about a 1/4 inch on each of the short ends and crease well,  like so:
 Now with package standing on one of the long sides and ‘creased’ edges facing in run a line of hot glue along one crease and immediately stand up your third package of seeds on it’s short side making sure bottom edges are even and press firmly into glue repeat on the other end of the package that is laying down this is what it should look like now from the back:
One package laying  on it's side, with creases on each end,
two packages standing up glued to each crease.
Take a forth package of seeds and again standing it up glue it on either side to the two creases remaining you will now have a “box” shape with an open top and bottom that looks something like this:
Gluing the final side together

Your seed package 'box'
Now you need to make your ‘gable’ ends , grab the top of one of the standing up seed packs and crease in the center then fold each side in to form a point like so, do this on both front and back

once you crease them well fold them back up slightly, as this is where you will attach the roof in a second , you can see this in the picture below
To attach the roof , put glue on two of the 'tabs' you just formed in the last step, matching up the long side of your fifth seed packet with the center point on front and back press firmly into the glue you just put on the 'tabs', now repeat with the remaining two 'tabs' and last seed packet (it helps to reach up through the open bottom at this point to press the glued tabs firmly against the roof)
To give your roof more of a 'barn roof' shape crease the long edges
of the packages where the 'over hang' is like I did here
Glue to base and decorate as desired
 This is really a lot easier to actually do than it is to explain! Try one and you'll see.
Here are a couple that I made when I wasn't trying to photograph every step!

use all one kind of seed package or mix it up with different ones
 on each side!


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