Monday, March 9, 2015

Pigeon Project.......cloudy...foggy...42*

Yesterday Liberty and Leslie got out of the cage and were held in my grandson's (part of their 'socialization' practice)   lap for a spell and even though the door to their cage had been being  left open recently I think that time out in the Big House inspired one of them to fledge. This morning on the first chore round, one was on the floor. So for safety sake we put the other one down there with it. On a subsequent visit to the loft, one had flown up to the nesting boxes. So they are officially flying birds now, and not a month old. Can you see the difference in their color pattern? One is a bluebar and one is a bluecheck. Can't wait to show you their first outside experience. Well I won't get to see it, I'll be in the house guarding the CATS!
Flying at just 26 days old!

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