Monday, March 30, 2015

Farm Adventures Cats and Kids.....sunny and warmer

The predicament of  posing cats and kids----A tutorial

When we asked "Which would you rather see a picture of  - cats or baby goats?"  Someone said  "cats and baby goats", and some others seconded the idea!  Well, I'll bet that someone had never tried to take one of those pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here is the step by step process we went through, a tutorial of sorts if you ever want to try this yourself!
Step #1  Get a basket and line it with attractive cloth.
Step #2  Decide basket would look nice in front of woodstove.
Step #3  Try Lonesome in basket before removing baby goat from her mother.
Step #4  Realize 2 problems -
 Lonesome will not cooperate (notice his ears & tail) and he FILLS the basket-no room for kid

                                                         Step #5 
            Hurry, no, RUN through yard trying to keep baby goat from bleating,
                                             and worrying mother goat.
Step #6  Try Butterscotch ( she usually cooperates) and recruit help with photo.
Realize 2 more problems -
Butterscotch doesn't like this idea either, & "help" puts finger in picture.

Step #7  Baby goat doesn't like the idea either
and thinks backwards is way out of her dilemma.
Step #8  Baby goat and Butterscotch sort of settle in
(reservations on Butterscotch's part).--note position of her ears!
Step #9  Baby goat does settle in, Butterscotch reconsiders and leaves.
                                                             Step # 10 
                    Realize while trying to get picture forgot to include woodstove,
                                           and what happened to pretty cloth? 
Step #11 Go get another goat and another pretty cloth, reline basket,
reframe picture to include stove again, snap quick!
Note: No cat (or help) invited!
So there you have it folks: How to photograph a cat and kid in 11 easy steps!
Disclaimer: No cats or kids were hurt in the making of this tutorial, we offer no guarantees this will work for you under different circumstances, please be advised that cats and kids (of the caprine kind) are one of the most uncooperative and difficult to photograph species', and we recommend proceeding at your own risk!


  1. Bahahaha!!!! Oh that's funny! You are like me! My How To Build A Wardrobe, Unomestic Diva Style is startlingly similar :D I'm so pleased it isn't just me :) xxx

  2. Cats can be difficult. I think you did good. Cute goats do they have names yet. Have they had any adventures yet.

  3. yes Richard their names are Tempest Pearl (the lighter one with the ears) and Clover Gale, as for adventures, yesterday morning at just five days old I found them both out of their pen and frolicking in the woods nearby when I went out to feed! Never a dull moment!


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