Thursday, March 19, 2015

Everything Season....Jonquil's..Foggy..37*

Tis The Season - Everything Jonquils..............................

Poems, recipes, pictures, Jonquils everywhere stirring up memories. In my part of my native New England, I did not see old homesteads with Jonquils everywhere. Perhaps it has been settled too long, and with "rearranging" especially if machinery was used they've been destroyed. But here in the Ozarks they still abound. When we moved to this property there was no abandoned homestead. But directly to the East and West of us people had lived decades ago, and yes the Jonquils still bloom. My start comes from one of those places, carefully dug and shared to my homestead. Eventually I met the couple who had lived there, and this is how.  When we arrived here with a long car in tow behind the E-Z Haul truck, we could not make the last bend in the road. So the car had to be unhitched and left until we could come up with another plan. You can imagine getting started on a building project involved many trips out to the lumber yard. After a couple of weeks, bags of vegetables started  appearing on the hood of the car, we'd had to leave beside the road! We were very grateful, as heating canned goods on a camp fire had already grown old. Eventually the folks came to say Hi and welcome us. After introductions and brief talk one of them said "well we'll not hinder you from your work" and they left. They were the ones who had started their married life on the place next door where eventually I would gather Jonquil bulbs. Even though we did visit with them occasionally through the years I never thought to ask why so many Jonquils are in these hills. But this is what I have since heard. At the feed and seed store long ago, when folks came in to get their supplies for planting  ( yes, even wheat & oats were grown here when there was a railroad) the store owner passed out a few Jonquil bulbs as a gift for the farmer's wife. We've been so cold this spring Jonquils are just starting. In one of these pics you'll see the foundation stones and their well, and in the other the Jonquils with foundation stones in background. I know it is a minimum of 75 years since they lived there, and through all the leaf litter, YES the JONQUILS still bloom!


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