Thursday, March 26, 2015

New babies.........cloudy... very windy...41*

I was very suspicious of Flossie yesterday morning, her earliest due date. But thought maybe it was my imagination because we humans read a calendar. Anyway after numerous trips out to the barn decided I was right, she would kid. So I told her "please do this before dark!". When I saw that this wasn't going to be the case I told her "well at least before the storm starts!"  Foiled once again, but at least she was done before the strongest storm episode occurred. She finally had them about 10 pm last night, amid the thunderstorms and wind and hail. She was about five days early which usually means a couple of boys~~ while waiting for them to be born I was thinking we should name them Stormy and Thunder~~but  to our surprise we have two lovely little does, one with ears and one without, just like happened last year! Maybe we should name them Gale and Tempest or Rainie and Windie ?
Just born

12 hours old

1 comment:

  1. Very cute. Can't wait to see what they get into. I bet you were right with the mother the whole time.


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