Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And the winner is.............cloudy, foggy..43*

Well we got out the scale and the flashlight ( told you it was dark and rainy here!) and SOOT weighed in at 20 Lbs.
I actually thought he was heavier, maybe my wrists are getting weak!! So then I weighed Lonesome and he was almost the same. I want everyone to know I don't condone obesity in cats and the other 4 have normal weights. But these 2 throw their weight around ( pun intended) and hog the feed dishes when it's served so the others must get smaller portions. I also don't feed free choice but have only 2 meal times a day! I think they should trim down a bit, but have you ever tried to implement a 'cat fitness' program??? Not very practical, when your dealing with an animal that's motto is "I'll get back to you after my nap"!
The other night after I got in bed one of the "normal" weight ones kept pulling at the bedroom door to tell me she was going to bed hungry. That was Butterscotch and this winter she has a new habit that makes me laugh out loud. When she's hungry she sits on the arm of the couch and stares at my face. I try not to acknowledge her but when I can't help it any longer and look she gestures with her eyes and head toward upstairs to get me to feed her, Wish I could get a picture of that! They have to eat upstairs, because Walter is downstairs..
Anyway SOOT our April calendar page cat has started to move around a little, since the weather is warmer,
perhaps I can encourage him to go outside more. But wait, they're getting ready to train the pigeons!!!!!!
Oh well, our winner is ------- Becky Reed Krause with her guess of 20.5 lbs!!!!!

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