Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Spring cleaning.....raining and 39*

Rainy days in Spring should be used for cleaning house. In theory only. Who wants to clean out closets on a dark, dreary day? Not me!! You can approach this task more efficiently on a sunny day.
But wait  -  on a sunny day one needs to be outside working. Well that's my dilemma so I've decided I've offered lodging to our Tin Can Clock project long enough. They must be sold  to make available space for our newest idea.  The large tins ( Snow Cottage OR Puppies w/Pheasant) are $5. each plus $7. packaging and shipping ( I checked w/P.O. yesterday this is the actual cost) for a total of $12. The smaller ones ( Scarecrow) are $3. each plus $5. packaging and shipping for a total of $8.These clocks are made from actual tins, that still open (would be great to package  a small gift  inside ) they  take one AA battery and have a punched hole for hanging. They are a unique, one of a kind gift, quite a conversation starter!
Simply click on the link below to take advantage of this sale! And help us with  our 'spring cleaning project' !

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