Friday, August 7, 2015

Fogs in August....sunny and hot...again 90's

 Our First Fog in August

I wonder how many have heard this old folklore?
For every fog in August there will be a snow in February!

I first heard it from an older lady that wrote the Leslie 'news' column for our local paper, many years ago now. Which makes me wonder  how many of you live or have lived where your local newspaper has a column for every town & community in the area, a place to share who stopped by to visit, what their family had for supper, how many quarts of beans they'd put up this year, who has just home from the hospital, or who has recently passed and offering condolences to the family. We affectionately  call them  the gossip columns :) But I interrupt myself.
According to Fleecy's 'wisdom' if you kept track of fogs in August you could accurately predict how many snows you could expect in February! (she also told  how to predict how bad a winter you'd have over all based on the persimmon crop...but that's a story for another time!)
 Well,  yesterday morning was our  first one and I snapped this picture, and marked the calendar. This year I'm going to keep track................
February seems a long time to wait. Also seems awful early in the month to start counting fogs....................... I hope it's not true!!!!!!!             Y'all come back now ya hear?

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