Monday, August 24, 2015

Farm Adventures....sunny...80's

Well I wore my "egg apron" today to do chores. No need to have the egg side out because as you can see from these pics the rooster has been taking the hens up and over and out. Now that sure saves on feed, but the trade off is no eggs. The other day I found a large pile of his feathers and feared the worst. ( I suspect Walter ). But just before nightfall he spoke, and I traced him to where he was hiding. So now the pen has been made higher which was easier than catching them all and clipping wings. Of course that may be next. Anyway I turned the apron the other way and stuffed my udder cleaning rags and pen and pad in there and it sure was handy. I'm thinking if one kept a clean plastic bag in there for the occasional piece of produce you see while passing the garden, it would save going back for a bowl. We're promised beautiful fall weather all week, hooray!

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