Friday, February 13, 2015

Pigeon project............Partly cloudy..26*

Where is everyone? We thought sure some would like to help us name our Pigeons See Yesterdays post.
We will keep these two, as we'll be able to let them out and they'll return, as they were born here. Their parents, Hollywood and Amarillo were born in Amarillo Tx., so if they get out by mistake, if they elude the six cats and Walter, they will be in "Amarillo by morning" or soon thereafter. :)

Anyway here are two more beautiful copper bracelets to consider from my husbands stash!

This One is made of 4 delicate individual chains and measures 7 1/2" Long and the combined width of chains is 1". The price is $20. Free shipping in USA!

The other one also has 4 individual chains connected to a 2" Long by 3/4" Wide plate. Overall Length is 8 1/2" by 7/8" Wide. The price is $30. Free shipping in USA!

I do feel these Bracelets are the last of their species. Take advantage if you want one. 
Stop by tomorrow for 'recipe Saturday' :)

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