Monday, February 23, 2015

Pigeon project...cloudy...windy 16*.....

                                                                        PIGEON TALK
Well I guess pictures once a week is not enough!!!! Look at this little one, just three days after the last picture we showed you. Amazing rate of growth, just like the literature said would happen. We picked them up to put bands on their legs and they had already grown too large. So Leslie and Liberty will remain band free. Do you want to know what piqued our interest in pigeons? It was a book written in 1947 by Anne Molloy called "The Pigeoneers". A story about a boy that spends a long time in a hospital ward, and watches the pigeons from the window near his bed.
A face only a mother (or father) could love!
Pigeon fact: did you know both the mother and the father take turns
sitting on the eggs and feeding the baby pigeons??

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