Friday, February 27, 2015

Farm adventures....clear...8*.................

The sun actually appeared during our Alberta Clipper today and since I had my 2 hats and one piece quilted outfit and most important my ice grippers already on I headed for the camera.
The GIRLS weren't too cooperative, but not too stubborn either so this is what I got. A.Wyse has 8 weeks to go, if I were to venture a guess I'd say she's having bucks. Anybody need a full blooded mini-la mancha buck? PLEASE?????????????
Flossie only has 4 weeks now and does look bigger than this picture but not nearly as big as her Mom.
Thimby (who never will pose) has 8 weeks too and barely shows. If she only has one I don't mind, well I do if it's a buck. Meanwhile Bandit and Riley are trying to beat the winter blues by fighting through the fence, I've come to the conclusion they are not going to agree to the roommate contract. Bah, humbug I need another pen. Grace and Valerie need to find their new GOOD home but I've been waiting for spring-like weather to advertise them. Who wants to go shopping in this weather? I can't barely get up my 1/4 mile driveway.
How many days till spring?????????????????? 
A. Wyse---8 weeks to go
Flossie- 4 weeks to go
Thimby--8 weeks to go

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