Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Farm adventures.....Sunny and 30's*

A. Wyse, our matriarch in the goat family, is a mini-Lamancha , Thus a ‘no ear’ goat. Her daughter Flossie had a daddy with ears so she is an ‘elf ear’ goat, (little nubbins of ears that have a cute little downturned point at the end)
we call them half ears around here ! So last years Flossie and A. Wyse both had twins, of the four babies these were the results :

Three ‘half eared’ babies and one with a full set of ears ! after many years of only lamancha’s around here she was quite a change, we named her Penny, but her nickname that stuck until she was sold was ”EARS” ---
So this year we have a Daddy goat with ‘elf ears’ and three momma’s due, A. Wyse with no ears, Flossie & Thimby each with ‘elf ears’ What do you think our odds are of getting another full set of ears ??

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