Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pigeon Project....... sunny windy and 30's*

                                                           Pigeon Project Progressing


Well we've had a successful hatching, 2 little pigeons early this week. We'll keep you updated with their progress, they grow very fast, and will be ready to train at 4 weeks old. So weekly pictures to follow. Training involves letting them come out of the loft and fly and come back on their own. Well guess who's going to be tearing her hair out over that! The one whose job it  will be to keep six cats and Walter confined inside the house, lest they join in and help with the training.
If you would like to suggest 2 names for these newest members of the farm please do.
We'll choose and let everyone know.
Sorry but we can't tell if they are males or females or perhaps one each.

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