Monday, November 16, 2015

Snippets & Snatches...Rainy...50's

Fall sure turns our thoughts to food, doesn't it?
Perhaps there's an instinct to take in more calories to build up for the winter.
I sure do see that in my goats, who are stuffing themselves lately.
I'm happy to see all the comments about cooking without a recipe. (Follow us on FB for random questions like this! )
That's the way I am for sure! When you can only get to town once a week and sometimes even  longer between trips, you sure learn to be creative on the good days, and improvise all other times.
Reading everyone's comments brought to mind an
incident from long ago. ............

We were invited to an anniversary gathering and I was asked to bring the Macaroni Salad.
A family member spoke
right up and said "I hope you'll use a recipe." Humph!!!!! that same
family member often opens the refrigerator door and says "there's
nothing to eat in here." And yet meals are served every day!!!!!
Anyway because I'm in the house more I've been looking through old
cookbooks lately and found this fact.

The first known printed cookbook
was De Honesta Voluptate by Bartholomaeus de Platina, printed in
Venice in 1475.

Perhaps he didn't like his wife always "winging it"

Anyway one of the great pleasures of life
is that you never stop learning. And that certainly is true in using
the great varieties of food in the creation!

Epicurus wrote "The fountain & root of every good is the pleasure of the stomach".
So let's serve whatever it is with love and cheerfulness as yesterday's
QUOTE said.

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