Friday, November 13, 2015

Rearranging Recipes...Sunny...60's

How many of you have your recipes stored in a nutshell in your memory
and then go searching for the book it's in??

In addition to these pictures, I have many more books, as well as MANY
3x5   hand-copied ring binders FULL.
And SCADS of loose pieces of paper that have yet to be copied!!!
Then if your like me you see yet another book you must have?
I think if  you enjoy eating you probably have the same situation.
And in defense   of this behavior think of those special, one-of-a-kind recipes you  would have never found if you were a minimalist instead of a hoarder!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHH "variety is the spice of life" my Mom always said.

This   coming Tues. Nov. 17, is the drawing for our cookbook "Everything
Season", so enter if you would like one or tell a friend so that they
can enter. And you might just add it to your 'collection' too !

And in case you missed our Post, earlier this weekwe now have it ready as a Digital  Download for you for  just  $5 .00.
And for those ordering a hard copy, a free  Digital Download is included with your book.

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