Thursday, November 19, 2015

Farm Adventures...Windy...sunny...46*

Marmalade was watching me feed chickens this morning, but when I
looked around this is where I found her. I told her if she was going
to go out on a limb she ought to pick a bigger one!.

This reminded me of
Years ago, when after hours of coaxing, we decided a frightened cat was NOT coming down from a tree by herself, this is what my husband did.
(By the way she was too far up for even a ladder) He got the longest piece of PVC pipe he could find and tied a large wool coat around the end with baling twine.
He held it up against the trunk and with continual praise told her she could do it.
It took awhile, but she must have recognized the possibility because
she hitched her way to it and stuck her claws in the coat. I still
shudder to see him holding that swaying pipe as he lowered it, but she
did hold on until we could reach her with our hands.

Directly she was at the door and when I let her in this is where she went.
Better choice, don't you think?

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