Monday, November 2, 2015

Reflections from JonquilJunction...Foggy,,,50's

It's hard for us to believe that almost 2 years have passed since we
started posting.  We sure Hope you'll stop by and  enter our contest for the giveaway of
our cookbook, "Everything Season", which marks our 2nd anniversary Here !
And coincidentally we will reach 5000 followers on our Facebook page about the
same time!  It would be great if you you'd share our page with your friends
 to help us get there before November 17 !
We're still cleaning out years of accumulation and coming
across more "Snippets & Snatches" of the past. I went back to the
November 2013 archives on the blog and looked at all the entries about
our town. Some stores have closed, we're sure sorry about that, and
some have opened. This picture is of one still in business, and she
sure has been a loyal supporter of Jonquil Junction.
And in the whole
U.S. there are only a handful of genuine Brick Oven Bakeries,
and we
feel privileged to have one of those.

Anyway thought you might like to
look at the archives, which also featured many local craftspeople.

We hope to start a new feature soon reminiscing about "Café days".
Years ago, small town America revolved around the local café, not only for
good eating, but also for local news and gossip.
And A. Wyse the ol'goat is getting her "Ruminations" about raising humans organized
into book form. So "come go with us" for the next leg of this Journey
to Jonquil Junction.

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