Thursday, November 12, 2015

Snippets & Snatches....cooler...50's

 I'm still cleaning out old boxes. I found these booklets and clip-outs from
Magazine's  that my Mom used to save.
 She had such a flair for  Interior Design, upholstery, decorating and sewing,
she was always experimenting with decorating ideas.
That would have been an excellent career choice for her!
I remember her trying to improve our tract house appearance, you know where every
house in a row looked the same. She snapped photos of the house, got
the roll of film developed, and then hand drew different ideas on the
pictures  shutters,  shrubs, different colors, etc.
I guess she was really ahead of her time as  now we have computer  programs that do just that!

If you look closely you can see it sold for .52 cents

Who else remembers the popular Avocado green  décor period?

Too bad the pictures are in black and white, we can't appreciate the
avocado green vinyl and gimp!
I inherited quite a bit of her fabric and still have a lot of it, perhaps
I could find some avocado green !

I must admit in my almost 40 years of living in the south
I've yet to see the
 "Opulence of Gone with the Wind, still in existence"

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