Monday, March 21, 2016

Babies....Clear and cold

MARMALADE wanted nothing to do with such silliness
We brought Mocha and Java in for a little 'socializing' yesterday. The cats did not think this was the best idea the humans ever had, the kids just didn't know what to think. But even though I did not try to repeat the Cats and Kids photograph shoot from last year HERE I did get plenty of pictures :)
Mamma kitty checked out the situation,
 but didn't get too close, just in case
Flopsy observed from a safe distance
But TOPCAT, didn't have any worries....

He wanted to know just what they were doing in HIS house....
And after all he weighs more than both of them put together

Java is showing how goats can be just as curious as cats!

It's tiresome being a baby goat in a house full of cats!

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