Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nostalgic Nod Guessing Game...Sunny..cooler 40's

DETAILS: Every Wednesday we'll have a picture of
an old timey object, one which few if any, still use. We want you to comment with your guess as to what it is and what it was used for! You can guess more than once but each guess needs to be in a separate comment. ...
If you have a FB page you may tag it as part of your answer! we'd love it if you'd S.H.A.R.E to so more people can join in!
The post will stay up from 8am Wed. till 8am Thurs. When we will reveal the answer, All correct answers will be saved and entered into a random DrawinG to be announced the last Thurs. of this month the WiNNeR will get a F*R*E*E digital download of our Everything Season Cookbook!

(Of course we know it's a wheel, tell us what old timey object it went to!)


  1. Hmm is that for a wheel barrow ? Fun game :) I've done this when I was a vintage seller and readers helped me ID what the hell I found, haha.

    1. Yes, Vanessa a very old wheel barrow wheel! Thanks for taking a minute to leave a comment :)


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