Monday, March 14, 2016

Baby quessing game....cloudy

 We're going to have babies soon~ So let's have a little guessing Game shall we?!
Here are Thimby, mate Riley, and last years kids (her first, one boy, one girl)
 What's your guess as to -
1}color of kid(s),
2} gender of kid(s) 
3} how many kids
we'll reveal the answers as soon as we know :)
WiNNeR(s) will get a digital download of our "Everything Season" cookbook just in time for Spring offerings. You can comment here or pop over to our Facebook page and join in on the conversation there:


  1. Oh Wow, I would never get it right. lol I hope all goes well. Beautiful goats.

  2. Thanks Susie, we didn't guess even close either :)


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