Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The sudden change in weather (even if it IS time for it) from 80's, Sunny and Dry last week, to  the drizzle, damp, foggy, rainy and cool 50's today is making me wonder if we're in for an early long winter..........times like this make my mind turn to baking, is it the same for you too?

Here are a few of my winter soothers....what are some of yours?

Chocolate pudding, hot coffee, a steaming bowl of soup...................

The fragrance of homemade bread and simmering soup
Backing up to the woodstove that's cooking the soup!
Eating homemade bread and homemade soup!
Reading a "can't put down book" while sipping hot cocoa
Enjoying the outside view of a sunny day while
Backing up to the woodstove!
Covering up with your "Biscuit Quilt" when not
Backing up to the woodstove!
Fingering the Biscuit quilt  while reminiscing  on heartfelt memories

these are a few of my winter soothers.........................
Our "Everything Season" cookbook is now  available for sale!This is a soft cover cookbook PACKED with recipes, helpful hints, quips &
reminisces as well as many farm life & recipe pictures. It seems that
everything is moving in 15's for us. Got this project done in 2015,
the printer prints small batches of 15 and we had set our target price
at $15.00. So $15.00 it is, plus $3.00 shipping. Allow 10-14 days to arrive.


  1. Lots of hot tea with cinnamon sticks all day long, hot soup for lunch, baking, and crock pot cooking.

  2. We've had a rainy week as well compared to last week when it was so beautiful. I love to cook a lot of comfort food like soups, etc. in the winter. My husband loves Pinto Beans and will eat on them a couple of days if not more. lol

  3. A big pot of pinto beans is a staple around here too, they just taste better after a couple of days!


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