Thursday, October 29, 2015

Remember When?...Partly cloudy...windy...50*

How many have done their canning in these bail type jars? I'm still
cleaning out years of accumulation and have so many of these saved.
So hard to throw them out!!!
 In the '70's when it was announced the jar
rings would no longer be manufactured I went to the local hardware
store and ordered a whole case, many of which I still have.
 I still remember how hard it was to stretch the rubber onto the glass.
You had to have them super hot to make them a little stretchable,
and if you weren't quick, you had to put the rubber back in the hot water and
start again. I'll admit the "new" way with metal lid is easier, but
aren't the jars less durable? I never remember loosing the bottom out
of one of the bail type jars! 
Anyway now for what to do with them???????
 A button jar? a penny jar? Colorful dried beans? I have a craft idea
that I'll share if I'm successful, but of course we won't be able to
afford to ship them, have to sell locally or give as gifts.
Any of you have an idea? What would you do with a whole collection of these?

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