Friday, October 16, 2015

Sweet Potato Season....windy.. 50's

Well after nearly a month of no rain and 80 plus degree weather,  the forecast suddenly called for (possible) rain and (possible) frost..... so we decided we'd better get the sweet potatoes dug, after all dusty digging is better than muddy digging, right?
Now sweet potatoes are a fall crop, so typically when you dig them you are wearing long sleeves, maybe a light jacket, thinking of baked sweet potatoes, sweet potato soup and sweet potato pie.

Well, yesterday we broke the  record for heat on this date in October----93* !
So for two hours we're digging sweet potatoes, sweating, swatting flies,
and instead of thinking about sweet potatoes pies,
wondering who's idea it was to plant a 70' row of sweet potatoes
oh yeah mine.

And last night, it didn't rain and since I couldn't sleep for the tired back from digging the sweet potatoes I heard at least three flocks of geese flying over, so perhaps fall really is here this time.
Oh and the possible frost forecast  for tomorrow night? They raised the forecast temp. a  good five degrees--so probably not.

And today would have been a beautiful day to dig potatoes, 50's and breezy....................
some 40 degrees cooler than yesterday!
Oh well, as they say around these parts, if you don't like the weather , just wait a minute.

Anyways, they are dug and curing now, and it was a good year for them too--at least THEY were underground where the squirrels left them alone!
And Sweet Potato Soup and a Sweet Potato Pie sound wonderful today, what a difference a day makes, isn't it so?

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