Monday, October 26, 2015

Mystery Stew...Cloudy..windy...50*

On these cold blustery days do your thoughts turn to cooking?
For those who have to go off for the day, do you have a crockpot?
There's nothing nicer for the cook, than to come home to supper already
cooking, and ready to serve!

I grew up with my Mom's philosophy of "Waste Not, Want Not"
so here are some ways I practice that in the cooking arena.

Whenever I cook vegetables, I save the liquid, and when cool put it in the
refrigerator or freezer. Mom always said the best fed person in the
house was the kitchen drain!!! 

So then when I'm ready to make soup or stew I have stock ready.
 Even small amounts of leftover vegetables can be saved this way, and of course as we mention in our cookbook shredded squash or sweet potatoes, fresh or frozen, can be added to most everything.
With a little browned meat or chicken this assortment of flavors makes
a unique taste that one can't quite identify.

If you're thinking your  mornings are too crowded to do this before you leave, just assemble in refrigerator the night before in a pan. Then in morning heat to a simmer on the stove top and pour in crockpot and cook all day on low.
Then you can come home to a warm, delicious bowl of Mystery Stew too !
Our "Everything Season" cookbook is now  available for sale!
This is a soft cover cookbook PACKED with recipes, helpful hints, quips &
reminisces as well as many farm life & recipe pictures. It seems that
everything is moving in 15's for us. Got this project done in 2015,
the printer prints small batches of 15 and we had set our target price
at $15.00. So $15.00 it is, plus $3.00 shipping. Allow 10-14 days to arrive.

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