Friday, September 11, 2015

Snippets & Snatches....sunny...much cooler..70's

                             Snippets & Snatches

It was a good year for your transplants

It was a bad year for gardens

It was a good year for squirrels

It was a bad year for your fruit


The first year we lived here our neighbor who had also moved here from afar told us, "no two summers or no two winters are  ever alike here". His words are so true. This year, which could have been a great growing year with all the spring rain and not too much excessive heat turned out to be a very low yielding year BECAUSE of the continual rain. Surely the rain didn't produce the bumper crop of squirrels,  BUT everyone is complaining that they robbed all the fruit trees. Yesterday I spotted this one pear left on a young tree so I took a picture and then picked it quickly. Usually we pick large amounts from our at least 40 year old tree. But all summer I've been tripping over the half eaten pears the squirrels have been throwing to the ground, and now there are none left.
Well at least the Rose of Sharon's I transplanted in May and only watered once have done well!!!!

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  1. Such lovely photos! The roses have done REALLY well...good job! I do love in our woods we have many small black ones. They are so cute! Ever though my husband calls them "rats in cute suits". Ha!

    Popping over from the EBT...


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