Monday, September 7, 2015

Country Roads......sunny...90's storms possible

I wonder how many still live down a dirt road?? If you do I'd love for you to leave a comments below and tell us about it!
The Conundrum of Country Roads

"It takes rocks to hold mountains together" a transplanted man from the plains' states once told me, soon after I moved here. I've thought of his phrase often over the years. Today's Snippet is prompted by yesterday's activities of raking and rearranging many of those rocks to improve our driveway. Our country road is also a gravel road with many issues to deal with. When we first moved here, we had so many flat tires until we learned truck tires must be 8 ply rated as 10, to stand up to the gravel which really was small ROCKS dug from the creek bed. These tires don't provide a comfortable highway ride but at least you keep moving. I often hear on T. V. how long the average commute in America is, and I'm aghast. But living out in the country involves quite a commute too. Our four mile commute takes 20 minutes on a good day, when the road is in good shape, and you don't have to pull over too many times for others. Yup, we're one lane out here. When you forget something or need something from town, you often do without.  I had a flash back recently of my first country road. We did not own a vehicle until I was 8 years old. When I was about 6, my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins picked me up and took me to their house way out in the country, at least it seemed way out to me as a city dweller. Anyway to get to their home in Beverly Farms, Ma. we went down a country road. I was fascinated!!! The headlights shining down the road, woods on both sides, and then a rabbit appeared and watched us. I've always credited ( or blamed, depending on the day!) my love of the country on that incident. After that I was transplanted to Ca. and you guessed it, very little country there.
Now, on reflection, after  living MANY years in the country, ------  I confront the age old situation of TRADE-OFFS. I remember the phrase "Pave Paradise" and decide our country roads,  unpaved, can continue to take us home.  At least on my commute I enjoy the beauty you see in this picture, mostly by myself, without traffic to contend with, as I watch for deer to leap in front of me (that happens often) or a flock of turkeys to take flight as I duck inside my truck. Yes "It takes rocks to hold mountains together" and I'm sure that is part of the reason our area isn't OVER developed!!!!!!



  1. Love this post and so true. I live on a paved road but the little dirt road I grew up with goes down by my house and across a little creek. We used to walk out to catch the school bus. Daddy always kept a little footlog across it to walk on.. Your post brings back so many memories for me. Thanks.

  2. I loved this story. I have always loved the country life, but never had the chance to truly live it as you do. Ill take what I can get and as often as I can.


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