Friday, September 18, 2015

Farm Adventures....Sunny and HOT!

               A Tale About Gale's Tail

Gale found a hole big enough to fit through                          

"Ha Ha, Pearl you can't fit" she said

As she went into grandmother's pen

Grandmother did not want to share her pen

So she chased Gale all about

Now poor Gale couldn't seem to fit back

Through the hole, what to do?

I know, she thought, I'll put my head back through

Grandmother said "I want ALL of you gone,
and Proceeded to bite her tail   -

Gale hollered so, the master came
and saw her Predicament.
He freed her head and shooed her

Back to her pen with her sister.

Pearl said "Ha, Ha, Gale, I'm glad I DIDN'T fit!!!

No one noticed at first, but what had been left

To grandmother's attack was poor Gale's tail.

After a few days, look what  happened,

The end of Gale's tail fell off!

She may be A. Wyse ol'goat, but aren't you glad

She's not your grandmother?

1 comment:

  1. little tale :) I just love goats, they so darn cute!


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