Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gathering Apron/Egg Apron....partly cloudy...70's

O.K ladies fess up how many of you come back from the chicken house like this???
Or worse, you stick an egg in your pants or jacket pocket, and then completely forget until it gets
broken all over everything????

                          Gathering/EGG aprons to the rescue!
~~ Reversible apron is like getting two aprons for the price of one!~~

Whether you are gathering eggs, veggies, clothes off the line, tools for your next farm, garden or craft project, or are simply gathering your thoughts so as not to forget them later on, this is the apron for you!

Completely reversible, this apron has individual pockets for a dozen eggs on one side, with elastic at the top to hold them securely. On the other, a large pocket ( practically the size of the apron itself!) with access from either side with two large openings, to hold veggies, tools, clothes or clothes pins, whatever you need to tote with you! (don’t forget to tuck in a pen and paper so you can remember what you need to bring with you! )
Apron measures 15 1/2 inches from waist to bottom, 22 inches wide at bottom and has generous  ties!

~How these aprons came to be~

Several years ago there was a popular song that implied you should carry a sign if you weren’t too bright. At the time I  thought, it would help ME more too have an apron to carry things around with me, from room to room, and from outside in so I didn’t waste so much time, I jotted down this idea---
"Here's your apron"
With pockets to stuff
and a pad and a  pen
to save your last thought
to share with a friend…..
 Well that was about twenty years ago, recently found it in my snippets & snatches, in one of my notebooks {something I need to carry around in such an apron to jot down notes}, I don’t know about you , but I have my BEST ideas, when I have no paper or pen nearby.
These thoughts combined with a recent request to make an ‘egg apron’ on our FB page led to my daughter designing this “gathering apron”



  1. Love these! Ingenious and cute to boot!

  2. I want an egg apron so I can use it in our farm.
    The Egg Apron

  3. I am excited to used my egg apron given my mother because I am the assigned all the eggs on our poultry.
    The Egg Apron


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