Monday, September 21, 2015

Farm Adventures...Sunny...80's

Just a day of unrelated events......A day on the farm.

It's been so long since we mentioned the Pigeons, but yes we still have them, and one family member keeps on improving their life. Here's the latest addition to their Taj Mahal "loft". He hopes to get Fantails and thought there might not be enough room so added this "screened in" porch.(I'm still waiting for mine!) 
So far the homers are boycotting it!

While I was taking this pic, I hung my camera case on the fence where Gale immediately tried to eat it. Then I was removing a piece of plastic to go from the wood pile to the hay pile and look what I found!
Strange I was thinking of copperheads and still jumped when I saw this one. This is a King snake, which most people consider a "good" snake. I know , some of you think the only "good" snake is a dead one.

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