Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Cleaning...Cloudy....70's

Fall cleaning is in full swing: Follow our Etsy store to see new vintage items added all week, as I sort through  almost 40 years worth of collections .. and memories...you never know what I might find to share with you... starting  today with National Geographic issues....... for years my great Aunt kept me in magazine subscriptions.....now they are 'vintage' and need a new home..... if there is a certain year you are looking for send me a message!

Choose a commemorative magazine with that special date for a special gift!
Vintage magazines from the 1900's from the leader in spectacular photography,
and historical subjects............

One copy of all months are available, will be listing different years all this week,
 All copies are in good to very good condition. Have several other years available,
message me if you would like one or more other specific dates, same
prices apply

~~Entire years available ~~

January, September and December of 1988 are special issues, 100 year anniversary and December features a holographic cover!
ALL issues are in good shape!

1 comment:

  1. Smart call to keep these around! National Geographic is one of those magazines that stands the test of time :)


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