Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Spring............partly cloudy....60's

What a busy time of year!
Everyone who puts out a garden has been scrambling to take advantage of a few dry days in a row, to plant their rows (pun intended)!!!! Especially if they listen to the weather forecast which for our local is rain and/or thunderstorms for the next six days. 
Well that will help with the watering chores, but only if things don't get washed away!!.
1-3 inches is what is forecast. The wild blackberries are in full bloom, as seen here.

That reminded me BLACKBERRY WINTER. A phenomenon that often happens in these Ozark hills. It's a very cold spell that occurs when the blossoms are on the blackberries.
Since no two years are alike here in any season we just have to wait and see what occurs this year.
We talked about it HERE last year on May first, we haven't been particularly cold this week but just as they started opening last week we were having mornings in the 40's. As we are planting our tomatoes and other warm loving crops this week, we hope that's all of our Blackberry winter for this year!
Happy gardening!!!!!!!

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