Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring offerings...48* cloudy...windy

In spite of the cold, rainy weather, the strawberries continue to produce , they aren't as plentiful as they might be if the near constant rain wasn't causing some of them to rot before they ripen, and they aren't as sweet as they might be if they were receiving the sunshine they (and all of us) crave. But we've still managed a good harvest so far this year, with more to come hopefully.

Try this easiest of ways to serve Strawberries! I was served this in a restaurant in Portsmouth N.H. many years ago and liked it so much I still do it at home.  Wash strawberries and leave stem on. On individual plates place several berries, dollop of sour cream, and small pile of brown sugar.  The lucky eater dips berry first in sour cream, then sugar. The blend of flavors is superb.
Strawberries as big as golf balls

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