Friday, May 15, 2015

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Who doesn't love Strawberries? We love them so much we are going to share Strawberry recipes with you every Saturday for the next few weeks.
We know ours are fairly early and some of you will be getting yours' in the weeks to come.
When I worked in an office as a teenager, one of the older typists told me a real treat of the beginning of summer was if the peas, new potatoes, and strawberries would all be ripe by 4th of July! She grew up in Maine.
 Here in our part of  Arkansas they are often ready by Mother's Day!
' Back in the day' this county (Searcy) was the Strawberry capital of the world.
 The Flintrock Strawberry Growers Association of Searcy County reported sales of 19,500 crates in 1948.
Back then a crate held 24 quarts! The county paper reported 1956 as the peak year with 1,800 acres in production. In those days the school year was coordinated to allow children out of school (sometime in May) in order to pick. A large truck would be sent to town to pick up the children and take them to the fields, which were usually on the slope of a hill. (Remember this is the Ozarks!) They would climb the hill bent over picking their way up. One person I know said, in the late 1960's he was paid .06 cents a quart to pick!
This past week at the farmer's market in Little Rock a quart cost $7.00!
I recommend checking out Wikipedia, which had so many interesting facts about the Strawberry, going all the way back to King Charles V of France in the 1300's who had 1200 plants in his garden.
See you tomorrow with our first  scrumptious strawberry recipe!

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