Monday, May 18, 2015

Rainy days and Mondays....cloudy...showers soon!

"When it rains it pours", "A pour man gets his ice in the wintertime", A "dirt poor farmer" is someone who is 'land rich' but money poor, .......and I'm coining a new one
"rain poor farmer" gets a half a years worth of rain in two weeks~~ right when they need to be planting the garden, making hay, mowing the (knee high) grass, harvesting the strawberries.............................................

                                  The Rain Poor Farmer
So as we deal with the almost constant and 'Quantitive' amounts of rain
and workin'  amidst the rain and showers,
we find every chore takes twice the time--hours and hours!
The strawberries won't ripen,
More and More we find ourselves gripen'
Can't find a dry day
to cut the hay,
Plants need pottin,'
and the half the garden is rottin,'
While we're out in the muck sloggin'~~~
we might just have to take a break from bloggin' !!!!

We might be spotty as the showers this week in and out here as we find a minute!
Please bear with us and we'll be sure to share as often as we can and definitely be by Saturday with your next Strawberry recipe (assuming they don't all rot and we don't all float away!)

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