Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blackeberry winter here in the Ozarks

It seems to happen every year, when you least expect it. The days have turned warm, the Jonquil's, the redbuds and the dogwoods have bloomed ,everything is growing, you have planted your early garden items (and maybe even your Tomatoes and Beans if your feeling particularly confident) , the blackberries are blooming, and then it hits.
Winter's last  fling,the cold snap that comes just when you think spring is finally here at last .
Known here where we live as BLACKBERRY WINTER. Songs and books have been written about it more than one music group has chosen it as their name.
Last year we had snow on May 3rd! This year we were in the 70's back in March and this morning May 1st was 39* ! And sure enough a quick look reveals the Blackberries are blooming.


  1. Do blackberries bloom with cold?

  2. They always seem to bloom when we have our last cold snap here. Just one of those old sayings that got started by observation!


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