Friday, May 23, 2014 dog

 Our nine year old plot hound mix, Clarabelle, is our all around good farm dog! 
A rescue puppy we brought home at about 2 months old, {the first of three brindle dogs all with different backgrounds and unique stories, that would make it to our farm over the next few years}
we had her spayed before we knew what a wonderful asset she would be to our farm, and have wished many times since we’d let her pass on her intelligence to another generation!
A self trained defender of our farm in many forms, everything from  keeping the coons out of the chickens ,  letting us know when snakes are nearby, alerting us to strangers coming down the drive,  to  getting soaking wet while  trying (unsuccessfully :} ) to drive the thunderstorms away, by charging through the storm, looking at the sky and  barking in the direction the thunder came from!
She was a farm dog from day one when she climbed through the fence to the pony’s pasture and happily swung on his tale, the fact that he allowed this made them life long friends!
Clarabelle  loves all our animals (well, love might be a strong word for the feelings she has for the cats, but she tolerates them nicely) but when the baby goats come is her favorite time of the year! Due to an over protectant mama goat (Button) she has learned to keep a safe distance while they are in the barn, but when they start having their outings with out mom, she keeps a close watch on them. Happily wining in pleasure that she gets to ‘baby-sit’ for awhile!
"Hello, Valerie & Grace, I'm Clarabelle"
                             "Nice to meet you Clarabelle, but don't tell mom I got this close!"
                                     To be continued, Y'all come back now, ye hear?


  1. Clarabelle looks like a sweet dog. They can sure become a part of the family. Good that she gets along with everyone.


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