Friday, May 30, 2014

Featured crafters.............

Here are the direct links to the stories we have featured about some of the crafters from our area! Why not grab a cup of coffee, read their stories and have a stroll around our blog while your at it?

EXOTIC CUTS AND GIFTS read blog post here:
An "exotic" little store in our hometown, where you'll find a variety of gift items and a full service
beauty shop all in one.
PINE GROVE TRAILS read blog post here:
Featuring trail rides on a 4,000 acre wooded ranch
LESLIE, ARKANSAS  read blog post here: 
Our hometown, A step back in time for most people of the 21st century,
 a place where time moves more slowly.
Hand Cranked socks by Kat's Creations  read blog post here:
Socks are cranked on an Erlbacher Gearhart antique style sock machine using wool/nylon sock yarn.
Cynthia's Weavings read blog post here:
I'm a self taught weaver with a focus on clothing and household items.
Copper Earrings  by Richard    read blog post here:
All parts of his earrings, except the ear-wire, are  handmade and hammered,
from the hammered body of  the earring right down to each individual , intricate and  tiny piece .
GREENLIMB STUDIOS   read blog post here
 Handcrafted soap, handsewn gifts, quilts, aprons and more.
Read more about each crafter here:

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The items we offer are as varied as the weather in these hills!
Hand-hammered copper jewelry, handmade wood case clocks, biscuit and rag quilts, handsewn infant gifts, handcrafted soap, & homespun tales and photos of our menagerie of four footed and feathered friends.

Copper earrings

Copper earrings